About the project

Yet another website base? Yes. I've been developing websites since 15 years from now, using the most used projects (aka Drupal and Wordpress, or Symfony and Laravel) and also trying something "new".

Till now i didn't found a project that has all this requirements:

  • supports multilanguage in the core
  • supports multisites in the core
  • supports CDN in the core
  • supports Full Page Cache in the core
  • supports migrations in the core
  • supports SMTP/SES in the core
  • has users/roles permission logics
  • supports queues (long running processes) and crontabs (scheduled actions) in the core
  • monolithic by design (you need to develop your site needed features, not to install something made by someone else that does "almost" the same as your needs and then override its behaviour)
  • has the minimum CMS features
  • has configurable contact forms in the core
  • is also a good base for a "custom" website
  • is relatively easy to understand
  • has a simple and builtin html forms handling library
  • does not change its core in every major release.

I know - there is plently of project that have this requirements (and also a strong community behind their shoulders), but what i wanted was a base that has all this basic features by default, and developing it was also a good point to renew my basic knowledges.